Matt CoughlinMatt Coughlin is an engineer and an online entrepreneur. Using his validation-centric approach to online business, he has successfully launched profitable online businesses in a diverse range of industries and helped his students and clients build dozens of profitable businesses. But he didn’t start out that way…

When Matt started his first online business, he knew almost nothing about doing business online. For years he had worked away at his corporate engineering job, dreaming of some day striking out on his own and creating a business that would allow him to live the life of his dreams…with the freedom to travel, learn new languages, explore new hobbies, and most importantly, make a living without having to spend all day trapped in an office.

So one day, Matt did something crazy (some might even say foolish)…he up and quit his day job, deciding that he would find a way, no matter what it took, to make a living online while he traveled the world. He tried and failed spectacularly with his first business, falling into many of the common traps that he now teaches people to avoid. That first failure was a huge, expensive lesson.

But thanks to hard-earned experience and generous guidance, Matt’s next business was different. He avoided the traps and followed a solid plan. He realized that he had been operating backwards…his first business had been doomed from the start! But this time he didn’t follow that same “launch and hope” strategy.

He knew better, and he started by doing what successful entrepreneurs do… he validated his business idea first, then launched the business only after he knew it was going to make money.

That second business was and it was a success. It has grown steadily since launch and now makes well over $100k in yearly sales, while Matt spends less than an hour per week on it.

Matt learned this lesson well and has applied it successfully, time after time. After his humble start, Matt has built and grown several successful e-commerce businesses (including and launched several profitable digital products (including My Product Launch and all the affiliated courses and products), and has helped many other beginners begin their online marketing journeys.

Matt now spends half of his time in his native California and the other half in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His online income allows him to focus on his passions of spending time outdoors, traveling, and working with other online entrepreneurs.

This site is where Matt shows the methods he uses to create new businesses (when he started his first online business, he started with nothing…no money, no connections, and no experience.) This is the place for him to share the lessons he’s learned.

More importantly, this site is about you, and the knowledge, tools, and inspiration you need to build your own profitable online business and create the life you want to live. Take the first step in your own path to financial freedom by watching the Starter Course… 3 lessons explaining the simple process Matt uses and teaches to validate a product and launch a business that is destined to succeed.

P.S. Matt built this site to teach and inspire new online entrepreneurs. From time to time he will link to other resources – e-books, courses, tools, and other things. Some of those links might be affiliate links, but he will never send you a link to a product he doesn’t believe in.

Read Matt’s full story about quitting his job and becoming a digital entrepreneur here.

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